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Steve Carr builds his Carr Amplifiers in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Comprised of unique circuit designs, meticulous point-to-point construction, premium components and hand-crafted cabinets, Carr Amps are designed and built with distinct character, sonic personality, and the flexibility and features that will inspire you to create your very own signature sound at volume levels appropriate for home, studio and stage....it's Carr Ampifiers.


Carr Mercury V 1x12 Combo

From Carr Amps:

In 2003 Vintage Guitar’s Carr Mercury cover story exclaimed ‘Tone of the Gods’
Now, 13 years later, the amp that started the full featured, low powered, attenuated combo revolution --- returns!! 
The Mercury V, older British cousin of our award winning Skylark, is back with a highly evolved feature set borrowing the best of the past while rocketing into the future.
The Mercury V is highly touch sensitive with a huge range of English tones from 60s aggressive clean thru 70s rock into 80s and 90s tasty crunch.  Our built in attenuator delivers real power tube overdrive at whisper levels retaining the feel and juice of full volume fun. Like recording on your computer? Just plug the Mercury V line out into your A/D interface and go!  The Luscious Spring Reverb, full ranging Overdrive options, and effective tone controls make the Mercury V an invaluable recording tool.  Home player?  Experience big amp satisfaction with domestic tranquility.  Gigging musician? 16 burly watts in full power means the Mercury V is a commanding stage amp. Mercury V wins the six string triathlon ---- Home - Studio - Stage.  
Plus, you get everything Carr is known for, in-house crafted solid pine dovetailed cabinets, bleeding edge power supply components mixed with Mid-Century signal elements, and true point to point wiring.  The Mercury V – Scary Good!

Class A
Push Pull 6V6 - enriched fixed bias
Single channel: Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb
3-position boost switch
Paralell or series input gain stages
Built in attenuator 4 to 0 watts or 16 watts full power

Carr Mercury V 1x12 Gator #0377: $2730.00 (Photo Above) SOLD



Carr Telstar 1x12 Combo

Carr Telstar demo by Greg Vorobiov

Here it is, the new 2018 amp from Steve Carr:
The Telstar blends the sinewy harmonic assertion of EL84s with the deep full control of 6L6s in a new and unique push pull recipe.  You may have a 6L6 amp or an EL84 amp but not an amp that uses both types in harmony for a new pallet of expression.  The Telstar sound can easily range from haunting rich cleans to creamy overdrive.  Our Lean/Lush switch tailors the body of the tone while the 53/58 switch changes the overall gain structure and the frequencies the Tone control emphasizes.  Sonically treading the years from early Fullerton 50s roundness thru late 50s proto British bite.

Power: 17 Watts, Variable Attenuator 0~17
Tubes: 6L6 plus EL84 power tubes together in a push pull class A
Controls: 4-Knob Layout Volume, Tone, Reverb, Attenuator
Switches: Lean/Lush Toggle for toght or fat bass tailored for overdriven or clean tones
                53/58 Toggle for Sweet 50's or Late 50's glassy hotrod gain/tone circuit
Reverb: Yes, All-tube 17" Spring
Valiant 12" Speaker inspired by the Eric Johnson Alinco Signature
$2390.00 in Black
$2490.00 in Custom Colors

$2490.00 1x12 Combo in Tweed (#014 Photos Above) SOLD


Carr Skylark 112 Combo

The Carr Skylark….…Is the ultimate low-power American inspired amplifier!!

The Skylark idea began with our love and appreciation for classic home/student 60s American amps such as the Harvard to name but one.  These small – student amps deliver organic tube juice and vibe at real world volumes – making them super usable and super satisfying.  Our Skylark takes this fun utility a giant leap forward.
Reverb, a built in power attenuator, Hi/Low gain switch, and the extended range presence control offer an incredible pallet of tones from the Skylark’s beautiful dove-tailed cabinet.
12 Watts full output

2-6V6 Output Tubes
Built-in switchable variable attenuator 1.2 watts down to zero, Low/High Gain switch – mid-60s to Hot Rod
All tube Reverb, Extended range Mid control
Extended range Presence control, All NC yellow pine cabinet with floating baffle
New Celestion A-type 12” American voiced speaker, Analysis Plus cable

36 Pounds

$2490.00 1x12 Combo in Black, plus $150.00 for Custom 2-Tone Colors


Carr Rambler 112 Combo

It's no accident that the Carr Amps- Rambler succeeds in delivering classic American 'deluxe' tone with dramatically expanded clean headroom, solid bass response and the option of 28 watt pentode or 14 watt triode operation. The Rambler simply reflects my desire to improve and refine the original concept of an appropriately powered 1x12 club amp with reverb and tremolo. Rambler owners describe their amps as being warm, full and round, with a surprisingly high threshold of clean tone, (which also makes the Rambler uniquely suited to virtually any overdrive pedal ever built). The Rambler is considered by many to be the quintessential club amp, voiced to meet the needs of virtually any player, and all types of music.

  • Class A cathode bias 6L6 output stage
  • Zero feedback
  • Single channel with reverb and tremolo
  • 2-6L6 Output Tubes
  • Pentode-Triode power switch
  • 28 watts pentode
  • 14 watts triode
  • Eminence Elsinore 12"
  • 40 Pounds

Rambler 1x12 Combo Black (#02034): $2490.00 SOLD


Carr Impala 112 Combo

The Carr Impala is one of those very rare amps that can do it all. From sweet glassy clean tones to pushed, in your face, American overdrive – you will find it here.

The control panel is deceptively simple with its ultra wide range Volume control the star.

At lower settings the Impala stays in the 60s American clean voice while taking the volume past 3 o’clock brings in heightened pre amp toothy overdrive. The Master Volume allows you to dial in the right amount of power tube thickness and overall loudness.

Amazing with pedals due to its wonderful solidity and openness

  • 2-6L6 Output Tubes/ Class AB
  • 44 Clean Watts - Max 55 Watts
  • All Tube Reverb
  • Wide Range Volume Control
  • Slow Taper Reverb Pot
  • Super Usable Master Volume
  • Floating 60s Style Baffle
  • Truly Hand Wired
  • Carr Elsinore Speaker
  • Custom Transformers
  • 50 Pounds

Impala 1x12 Combo $2590.00 in Black, Custom 2-Tone Colors $150.00

Carr Impala 1x12 Brown Gator/Slub (0244 Photos Above): Retail $2740.00

ON SALE: $2000.00 plus shipping


Carr Raleigh 110 Combo

The Raleigh is a versatile practice/studio amp designed to deliver both pristine clean and heavily overdriven tones at usable volumes.

The Raleigh's styling pays homage to the funky practice amps of the late 50s and early 60s.

  • 1-10 compact combo with Eminence Lil' buddy hemp cone 10" speaker
  • 2 12AX7s, 1 EL-84 output tube compliment
  • Volume, Tone, Clean/Overdrive Toggle Switch, Master Volume controls
  • 3 watts output
  • Ideal for home and studio
  • Glassy 60s blackface tones to juicy, sustained overdrive
  • Optional two-tone covering
  • Eminence Lil' Buddy 10"
  • 21 Pounds, yep....21 Pounds

Raleigh $1450.00 in Black, Custom Colors $100.00, Maple or Cherry Hardwood Panel Option $250.00